How to use external scripts in nuxtjs correctly

I need to add external script ( contact widget ) on nuxtjs site.
First of all i try to add it into default.vue file - when i start 'npm run dev' all works good locally, but on dev server this script was erased.
Solution it's add script in nuxt.config.js file like this

script: [
	{ hid: 'contact-widget', src: 'src.js', body: true, 'data-host': '', 'data-assets-host': '//', 'data-lang': 'ru', defer: true, id: 'hde-contact-widget'}

Pay attention on 'data-assets-host', 'data-host', 'data-lang' this props must be written in '', bcs they have -. So if u have props like data-account, data-user etc u need to write it like 'data-account': value.